Welcome to Deaf.com! On behalf of my staff, I extend a warm welcome to all our visitors—deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing.

The purpose of this portal site is to provide information and resources about the Deaf community, our way of life, and to share our perspectives on topics that concern us: language, education, and family life, for example. I want this to become the best, most attractive, comprehensive, and enjoyable independent Deaf site on the Internet. Visitors have told me that they were intrigued when they first saw Deaf.com online, and word has been getting around.

My company’s motto is "Making the world a better place for the next Deaf generation—and for Deaf people now." Running this Website is my way of serving the Deaf community and the community-at-large. We seek to provide a useful, informative site exploring the many facets of the Deaf community—and one that is entertaining too. We believe that a Website like this should be easy and fun to use.Deaf.com is a team effort, and I am taking this opportunity to express my thanks to the members of my team, who have set up the text and worked with me to revamp the graphics and provide a sleek, unified look.

I first began working on Deaf.com in 1996. A logo was designed, and preliminary plans were made for a new Deaf-oriented portal Website. The first sites—DeafLife.com, DeafView.com, and DeafChat.com—were launched and linked in the following months. Other sites were set up and went online. That process continues. We will be adding and activating more sites in the coming months.

Thank you for visiting us, and I wish you a rewarding journey.

Matthew S. Moore
President, DEAF.com

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