Matthew S. Moore, Founder and President of MSM Productions, Ltd. and, and Publisher and Co-Editor-in-Chief of DEAF LIFE, is an alumnus of Indiana School for the Deaf (1977) and RIT (Bachelor of Social Work degree, 1983). Born deaf, a rubella baby from a hearing family, with no deaf relatives, he has always been an innovator. He founded the Student Communication Center at NTID in 1981, to give students hands-on multimedia-production experience. He established his independent multimedia company in 1984, and has extensive experience in video/TV production. * Deaf Life Press, the company’s imprint, was founded in 1992 with the publication of For Hearing People Only. Now in its third edition, this is Deaf Life Press’s best-selling title. * A dynamic personality, Moore has given numerous presentations at various conferences and events. His alma mater, ISD, honored him among its Distinguished Alumni of the Modern Era in 1997—one of the many honors he has received. He is also an accomplished organizer, advocate, and conference planner. * When he’s not busy coordinating a new conference or overseeing publication of a new book, he enjoys gardening, puttering around with his Jeep, or relaxing with a good movie. He enjoys collecting birdhouses (weathered and alligatored ones, not the kind with cutesy painted decorations) and seeing America by car. Because he loves cardinals, he chose a cardinal for the company's new logo.

Linda Levitan, Co-Editor-in-Chief of DEAF LIFE, first saw Matthew onstage in 1985; he was portraying a lunatic in an NTID play, and she was an RIT student majoring in Painting/Illustration. (She already had a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from RIT in 1989.) She joined the company in late 1986 as Copy Editor, a position she has never relinquished. She and Matthew co-authored For Hearing People Only, and have collaborated on many other projects. * As a progressively-deafened person from a mainstreamed background, Linda brings a different perspective to her work from that of the other staffers. She is a voracious reader who calls the local library "my tavern," and also enjoys walking, taking nature hikes, visiting museums, window-shopping, collecting cobalt glass, Art Deco boxes and books, suns and moons, silver charms, and butterfly images, and surfing the Web. She confesses that she's happiest when working with Matthew and the other staffers on new projects, and occasionally works into the wee hours.

David D. Long is Administrative Assistant and Conference Registration Coordinator. Like Matthew, he was a rubella baby. An alumnus of Iowa School for the Deaf (1983) and he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biology from State University of New York in 1997. His specialties are record-keeping, database programming, and technical stuff. He also handles book orders.* For 18 years, he worked as medical technologist at a local hospital. He is a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS (ASCP)cm) and, has maintained current memberships in the American Society of Clinical Pathologists since 1993, and the American Medical Technologists (MT (AMT)). His hobbies include collecting cobalt glass and reading science fiction—appropriately, since he has a scientific bent. He is also known for his dashing sense of style, and confesses to being a computer geek—“a real Mac lover.”

John Schmidt is an advocate of both d/Deaf as well as deaf-blind persons. He does this from experience, having been deaf-blind most of his life. As a strong believer in Deaf organizations, John has been a member of national, state, and local organizations. He has also been active in the online d/Deaf community for years. * As a student at University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he earned his graduate degree (1992), John also advocated for other students. In this capacity, he served on committees and organizations set up to serve the students. Despite being deaf and legally blind, he hasn’t let this stop him from achieving his educational goals. * John has worked in both public administration and human services. He says, “My belief is that goals can be achieved regardless of the opinion of others. Functoning differently doesn’t impede goals. It’s attitudes that do.” * His hobbies include reading, solving puzzles, and hanging out at the bookstore.

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